Strategy for executive managers

How has strategy helped you in the past?

As a senior executive, you will know the value of an organisation's strategy that, as a golden thread, binds together every functional aspect of the successful enterprise. It permeates, or it should permeate, the mindspace of every employee, customer and stakeholder. It guides not only what is done (such as product or service development, market growth, or policy formulation), but also how things are done (such as customer sovereignty, value for money, and integrity). Successful performance does not happen by chance. You know you have to work at it. The ultimate, but often elusive, outcome of effective strategy is sustainable public value (for the government sector) or sustainable competitive advantage for the businessman.

Where do I go from here?

The following is a checklist (answer yes/no):

  1. You understand the need for an effective strategy for your organisation;
  2. You have developed previous strategies in-house before, but the result was poor;
  3. The strategy was good but implementation poor;
  4. You used a strategy consultant/facilitator but their contribution did not meet expectations;
  5. Management commitment was lacking; and/or,
  6. You want to repeat the strategy formulation exercise, learning from previous mistakes.

Strategy Institute executives have been facilitating organisational strategy since the mid-1980s. You could do a lot worse than call them for a free discussion. Then compare approaches from other strategy facilitation service-providers.

Whatever you do, do not forsake the value of an effective strategy. You either plan, or you are being planned for (by someone else). There is no middle ground.

2017 - 2020

Retirement Village - Institute Director assists community complex with accounts, management and strategy development.


Country-wide water delivery - Strategy Institute assists the Swaziland Water Services Corporation with their strategy for improving community access to water...
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