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Specialist generalists

Organisations today are too complex to use a single specialist to solve enterprise problems. Our strategic management solutions frequently overlap the areas of organisation development, marketing and communications and information management. Customer centricity for example is not just the responsibility of sales or marketing. Our approach is always a broad one and our specialists specialise in being generalists.

"Generalists, people with moderately strong attachments to many ideas, should be hard to interrupt, and once interrupted, should have weaker, shorter negative reactions since they have alternative paths to realize their plans. Specialists, people with stronger attachments to fewer ideas, should be easier to interrupt, and once interrupted, should have stronger, more sustained negative reactions because they have fewer alternative pathways to realize their plans. Generalists should be the upbeat, positive people in the profession while specialists should be their grouchy, negative counterparts." K Weick

History of planning and the evolution of the Strategy Institute

1970s – Centralised corporate planning departments: Gathering knowledge

1980s – Planners begin to focus on “getting things done”: MSB information management consultancy established.

1990s – Strategic management, “windscreen and dashboard” approaches: Goodwill Consulting formed from MSB.

21st Century – Information transformation and innovation: Strategy Institute grows out of Goodwill Consulting

Development ethic

For many political and historic reasons South Africa has a large community of people from previously disadvantaged areas. Recognising this and being very conscious of the fact that there can be no compromise on client performance or quality, we endeavour to address these wrongs by developing the abilities and skills of others. Our intention is that skills should be more generally available ultimately resulting in economic growth opportunities for future generations.

  • We work in teams with our clients whenever possible. Our request to the client is for people from previously disadvantaged areas to serve on these joint project teams.
  • Some specialists in our network come from disadvantaged backgrounds and whenever possible we endeavour to use, and further develop, the abilities of such people.
  • In our engagement proposals we advise clients that all the materials developed and the knowledge created from the project become their property.
  • At every instance we transfer skills and knowledge to our clients and their staff.

2017 - 2020

Retirement Village - Institute Director assists community complex with accounts, management and strategy development.


Country-wide water delivery - Strategy Institute assists the Swaziland Water Services Corporation with their strategy for improving community access to water...
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