Power strategist

Knowledge management and change in strategy

Strategy interventions are not uncommon for you. As a senior executive and/or experienced strategy practitioner, you will appreciate the value of effective strategy. A growing number of organisations today operate in highly turbulent environments where timing is critical, technological change is rapid and competitive pressures are unrelenting and difficult to predict. The public sector is challenged to improve service delivery while under threat from lobby groups and unions where today's friend is tomorrow's enemy.

In such situations classical sources of competitive advantage such as strategy, organisation design and core competencies often erode. At best they may only provide temporary benefits. What is needed are dynamic capabilities built into the organisation that enable it to constantly renew its forms of competitive advantage while adapting to a rapidly shifting domain.

Continuous change interventions extend transformational change into a nonstop process of strategy setting, organisation designing, and implementing the change. Rather than focus on creating and implementing a particular strategy and organisation design, continuous change addresses the underlying structures, processes, and activities for generating new forms of advantage. Thus, the focus is on learning, changing, and adapting - on how to produce a constant flow of new strategies and designs and not just on how to transform existing ones. Such self-designing organisations should develop the capability to alter themselves fundamentally and continuously.

Creating such an environment in an organisation is a highly participative process in which multiple stakeholders set strategic direction, design appropriate structures and processes and implement them. This intervention includes considerable innovation and learning as organisations gain the capacity to design and implement significant changes continually. Learning organisations are those with an ability to constantly change and in so doing, improve their performance.

You either run or assist with such organisations. So do we!