SWSC - water services


2017 (2018 - 2021)

Swaziland is a mountainous, land-locked state and, like most African states, is severely water stressed. The Swaziland Water Services Corporation extracts, stores, transports, purifies, supplies and collects water. Its mandate includes preparing, constructing, maintaining and operating supply schemes; and controlling the quality, reliability and availability of water supplies. Strategy Institute assisted, advised and facilitated the development of the 2018 - 2021 strategy for this leading services organisation, thus maintaining the quality of life for millions of citizens.

WHO - improving its responsiveness in Africa



WHO’s reaction to the West Africa Ebola outbreak raised the urgent need for improving organisational responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency. The newly appointed AFRO Regional Director is establishing and driving a focussed transformation initiative. Strategy Institute is privileged to assist with the strategy and change processes involved.


SA Parliament - Portfolio Committee assistance


September 2014

Strategy Institute facilitates a strategic planning workshop for the Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation of the National Assembly. The discussion includes performance measurement, stakeholder management, risk assessment and action plan development.


Listed company - international strategy formulation


October 2012

Strategy Institute was approached by the CEO and Financial Director of a well-established, listed, locally-based multinational, and commissioned to assist with the development of a 5-year strategic marketing plan that would enable the manufacturer to invest further in local production facilities, upgrade their product offering and then use their quality as leverage to further penetrate the highly competitive US, European and Far-Eastern markets.


Infrastructure delivery improvement

August 2011
SA National Treasury appoint Dr Glen Mansfield, founder of the Strategy Institute, as advisor to the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works.

Strategy assistance to fiscal watchdog

May 2011
The Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC) of South Africa is a permanent Constitutionally appointed organisation ensuring equitable funding to Provinces from the National Treasury. Strategy Institute assists with the development of their strategy framework and strategic plan. 

Advanced strategy training for Government officials

January 2011
PALAMA (the State's Leadership and Management Academy) appoint selected institutions to present their AMDP (Advanced Management Development Programme) for Directors and higher-level officials. Strategy Institute now assists Stellenbosch's School of Public Management with related teaching responsibilities. More than 80% of students report that the AMDP content is of high quality.

Strategy Institute to assist Stellenbosch University

November 2010
The 2-year Master's programme in Development Finance is offered by the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Strategy Institute, with its long history of microfinance for development and the associated computerised technology systems, has been requested to assist in coordinating the programme. The course includes applications very relevant to the needs of the African continent.

Strategy Institute in Malawi

August 2010
Strategy Institute assists the Malawi Ministry of Transport and Public Infrastructure with a strategy and business plan for its Central Materials Laboratory in Lilongwe. This EU-funded project is part of the Institutional Support Programme to Transport Public Sector Bodies (INSTAP). The laboratory serves as the Government's testing facility for geotechnical, soil, asphalt and concrete materials. Developing countries have modern field laboratories. In Malawi no such facilities are available. Donor funding is in place for equipment upgrading and refurbishment. The ultimate vision for CML is ISO certification.

Strategy for National Institute of Theoretical Physics

March 2010
South Africa needs to remain relevant to global research trends. Strategy Institute assists this organisation to develop a suitable strategy, set up performance criteria and prepare itself as it positions to become a national resource.

NTeMBI nuclear isotope market research

July 2009
No market survey of SA isotope use and market has ever been undertaken. Strategy Institute assists, and in the process develops a new web-based online market survey system. Report and analysis delivered on time and within budget.

Strategic planning for civil engineering firm

March 2009
In mid-2010 all Soccer World Cup-related government infrastructure work will have been completed. Strategy Institute assists an established firm of consulting engineers to investigate and develop alternative, future sources of work.

Process reengineering in Education

March 2008
Processes are required to be mapped in the planning and operations directorate of the Western Cape Education Department. Specialists join the Strategy Institute team and the job is completed on time and within budget.

Infrastructure Delivery Improvement programme

November 2007
Strategy Institute appointed to develop, facilitate and implement change management processes as new planning and service delivery techniques are introduced by built-environment professionals into the provincial department of Public Works. This phase of the programme runs to March 2010.

NTeMBI initiative of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA

October 2007
NECSA request Strategy Institute's assistance in developing a new initiative for attracting researchers into the field of nuclear medicine. The Nuclear Technology in Medical and Biosciences Initiative is successfully established with seed capital from the SA Department of Science and Technology.

Operations relocation review for a Cape-based clay brick manufacturer

September 2005

Commissioned by a large locally-based clay brick manufacturer, Strategy Institute investigated the financial, logistic, engineering and environmental variables related to the relocation of the entire mining and manufacturing facility to a new greenfields site. The report and subsequent Prospectus was completed on time and budget.

Viability of crushed stone quarrying operation

July 2005

Strategy Institute investigated the possibility of the establishment of a stone crushing facility through acquisition, purchase or new business establishment on behalf of a Gauteng-based mining company.

BEE compliance of a corporate travel management company

January 2005

A Cape Town-based travel company commissioned Strategy Institute to investigated and prepare the necessary documentation that would enable the company to be eligible for BEE status. This engagement also included a business development strategy and related action plans. The engagement was completed on time, brief and budget.

16 Years of strategic consulting services to a major travel corporation come to an end

November 2004

A 16-year strategy, business development and proposed listing association with the country’s third-largest retail and corporate travel group ended when a new management was appointed. There is a danger of client over-dependence that the Institute is always aware of and occasionally firm decisions are required.






2017 - 2020

Retirement Village - Institute Director assists community complex with accounts, management and strategy development.


Country-wide water delivery - Strategy Institute assists the Swaziland Water Services Corporation with their strategy for improving community access to water...
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